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Wednesday, October 27, 2010



Smokers said that lighting up calms them down.And t does-but only because they're in withdrawal from their last cigarette, note UK researchers. They found that quitting is a better way to de-stress your life;
Stress level s in people who kicked the cigs dropped 17 percent after a year, versus less than 4 percent for smokers who couldn't quit. Lead study author Peter Hajek, PhD, says that smoker crave nicotines between cigarettes, and those withdrawal periods leave them stressed and irritable. Make quitting easier  by chewing vanilla-flavoured gum.
Texas Tech researchers found that it reduced nicotine withdrawal symptoms more effectively than other gums tested.
With our government  have increase price for cigarettes, so there no point u guys want to change to other cigs are more cheapest. So quit now for own safe.

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